Site access - general information and how to proceed

General information

In order to access the content on this site, you need to send an access request to

Please note that by default, “read-only” access is granted. Key informants can obtain advanced permissions for editing site content.

How to proceed

Send an access request by email to and enter the following information:

  • please indicate the reason for your request,
  • the first name and last name of user to be granted access 
  • the proposed user name 
    • indicate country for which the key informant will be responsible

    If you are a Key informant, you need to provide supplementary information that supports your request and nomination by the representative of the given country or region.

    If you are a Country or Regional representative, please kindly provide the necessary supporting information in your request for your key informants as indicated below. Your Country Community Manager will review your request and respond within 3 working days and create user accounts as appropriate.

    Upon approval of your request, we shall communicate user name and password to you by email. This will allow you to

    1. connect to the Health Situation web site
    2. and log in as member of your community

    See you on the site!!

    - Health Situation team